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Does your company market to shooters, who take their safety and their families safety very serious?

Does your company sell products designed for military personnel and/or Law Enforcement?

Do you sell products that are utilized by competitive shooters?

Do you want unprecedented access to people like this who are attending a 4-day event?

If you answered "Yes" to any of the above questions, this is the perfect event for you and your company!

This year the vendors will be housed in a large commercial tent again. The tent will be climate controlled and vendors will receive a space of 20'x10', with two 8' tables to display products.

We will also have a Vendor Demo Range this year again. The Vendor Demo Range will allow event attendees to test your products in a live fire environment. Vendors on this range will also be located in a large tent with their own personal space and "lanes" on the range with steel and paper targets that they can take students to test your products. The Vendor Demo Range will be overseen by an RSO who will ensure everyone is safe.

This year's anticipated student count is 170-180 and there are 13 instructors. On the first day of the event, students will check in starting at 8 am. After check-in, students will be directed to the Lodge which is where all the vendors are located. Students will remain in this area until the mandatory event safety briefing at 12 pm. During this time, you will see a high volume of traffic. After this initial "rush", you will get consistent but lighter traffic throughout the rest of the day as students take part in competitions around the facility.

One key thing mentioned in past years' student surveys were their disappointment in the vendor's not selling products and only showcasing. Many of them stated they came with the intent to buy stuff. With that said, we would love for as many vendors as possible to sell products this year and if need be, we will boost the space each vendor gets to support that and offer any logistical support you may need from us. Also, we will have dedicated WiFi for vendors that will be password protected, that way our network doesn't get bogged down, should you need it for POS systems/computers.

Last Years Vendors Included


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If you are interested in becoming a Vendor/Sponsor for this year's event, fill out the form below and we will contact you with more information!

Thanks for submitting!

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