Event Date October 14-17, 2021

First Day


      The event will start on Thursday, October 14, 2020, at 8 am. Check-in will be located at the front gate. The first day will consist of competitions, zero confirmations, a vendor show, and a meet and greet with a catered dinner and an open bar. There will be a mandatory safety briefing at 11 am, where will discuss the medical plan, range rules, safety rules, and event information. This is REQUIRED.


      There will be multiple competitions on the various ranges and you can try your hand at the competitions as many times as you would like. There will be an RSO located at the ranges who will run the competitions and record the scores. There will be an award ceremony at 8 pm, where the top shooters will be awarded prizes ranging from rifles, pistol and everything in between.


      Dinner will be served at 6 pm. There will be a complimentary bar with both beer and liquor, which will open from 5 pm until 11 pm. Be advised, the moment you begin to consume alcohol, your time on the ranges and handling firearms is done. If you are caught violating this rule, you will be asked to leave and will be removed from the event. No exceptions. This will be strictly enforced. 

      The event will end at 12 am.


Second Day through 4th day 


      You will select your classes during registration and receive confirmation. There will also be rosters posted at the lodge during the event. From this day forward, it will be your responsibility to report to your classes at the listed times and the locations. Students will receive maps for where their classes are listed.  The range staff is there to assist you if you need it.


      After class, feel free to stick around and socialize, but be responsible and act like an adult. Failure to do so will result in your dismissal from the event. 




      We will have a designated camping area that will be cordoned off and only accessible to campers. It will be away from the "action" so you can sleep in peace. We will have a shower trailer on site for you near the camping area and the cost of camping includes unlimited use of the shower trailer.




      We have limited spots for RVs and they will be first come first serve. We will provide you with power, either 110 or 220, however, we do not have water connections at this time. If your RV is self-sustaining, the limited spots will not apply to you.




      We will be serving alcohol at an open bar that is included with tuition. The bar will tentatively remain open the following 3 nights. The bar is intended for when students get done with class. If you are in a class, still have a class to go to or plan on shooting or handling firearms, you will not be allowed to consume alcohol. Failure to adhere to that rule will result in your expulsion from the event with no refund.




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