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Frequently Asked Questions 

​1. Where should I stay while at the event?

​      There are several options to you, the first being a hotel. We recommend staying in Columbus, TX which is about 15 minutes from our facility. As the event gets closer, we will work with the local big brand hotels in that city to block rooms for the students and once that is done, we will send an email to you guys so you can book a room, if you desire. There are also hotels in Sealy, TX which is about 20-25 minutes away and closer to Houston. The last option is either camping or bringing an RV. You get can details about those options on the Event Information page.


2. Will the vendors be selling stuff?

​      Yes! Many of the vendors will be selling their products, so make sure you bring cash and/or a card. We can't guarantee that they will have the means to accept cards, but it’s very likely.


​3. Will I be able to zero my weapons on the first day?

​      Yes, we will have a dedicated range with an RSO and the necessary supplies for you to zero any weapon out to a maximum of 50 yards. All you need to bring is your weapons and ammo, the range will have target stands, targets and everything else you will need. This is highly encouraged as it makes the classes go smoother when instructors don't have to address any zeroing issues. 


​4. How does ammo count work and am I able to get more on site?

​      First off, yes, we will have a vendor on site who will be selling ammo at very reasonable rates. We will not allow inflation and picked this vendor because they are trustworthy. They will be selling all the common calibers, so to speak, to include 9mm, .45 caliber, .223 caliber and 5.56mm. They will have varying brands and weights of ammo. As for the ammo count, that is completely dependent on the classes you select. They will have their individual ammo requirements listed. 


​5. Can I sleep in my vehicle on the property during the 4-day event?

​      Yes, however, we are going to require you to park your vehicle in the camping area where everyone else will be and you will be considered a "camper" for registration's sake. You will have to pay the camping fee, however, you will also get unlimited access to the shower and toilet trailer that is reserved for use by the campers only. 


​6. What is the plan for inclement weather?

​      The show must go on, there is very little that will cause a delay in training and even less that will cause an outright cancellation. It's not hurricane season, so we don’t have to worry about that. Shy of a tornado, which is rare here, nothing will cancel. If lightning is severe enough, we may call a facility-wide delay to allow it to pass, because of liability and lawyers. As far as rain, cold, and anything else, just plan ahead and dress appropriately. 

​7. Can I drive to the ranges?

​      Only to some of them. For the others you will have to walk, so be prepared to have your items in a way that they can be easily carried to class. Because of the structure of the event and how big it is, many of the ranges will only be accessible by foot. When you arrive, you will see specifically where your ranges will be based on what Instructor's class you are taking and you will know then if you are able to drive there or not. The walking distance to these ranges is not unreasonable at all. The ranges that are farther away will be able to be accessed by vehicle.


​8. Do you have RV hook ups?

​      Yes, but these hookups are limited in number and will be first-come, first-serve when registration opens.


​9. Can we rent Night Vision?

​      Not at this time. To take a night vision class you must have your own night vision and IR laser. If this changes, we will make an announcement. 


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