8 Hour Block

Learn what, why, and how to carry a firearm and properly employ it safely. This class is tailored to teach you using science, data, and experience to become a more efficient and consistent shooter.

Topics Covered

  • Safety

  • Grip

  • Sights (RDS)

  • Body

  • Reloads

  • Malfunctions

  • Performance-based Movement

  • Target Transitions

  • and more.

Equipment needed:

  • Ear and eye protection

  • Pistol with RDS (caliber: 9mm or larger) with a holster

  • 3-5 mags

  • 1200-1500 rounds of ammunition

  • 1-2 mag pouches

  • Personal Individual First aid kit (Gear to be used on you)

  • Marker

  • Notepad

Additional but not required equipment:

  • Knee pads

  • Spare Firearm

  • Cleaning kit w/ oil

  • Rain gear and sunscreen (depending on weather)