16 Hour Block

This two-day course will combine Dan Broko's Urban Gunfighter and Jared Reston's Performance Gun Fighting Mod 1 Course. They will complement each other during the courses of instruction, with each respective instructor serving in the lead role during their specific course. This method offers students the ability to have two highly credentialed instructors in the same course, offering different perspectives and giving more hands-on attention to each student during the course. 

The Urban Gunfighter course revolves around the tactical application of shooting in and around vehicles with Carbine and Pistol. This course will cover a variety of positions involved while shooting outside vehicles, shooting and moving as well as contingencies of one hand and one arm shooting with both Carbine and Pistol. Shooters will be required to shoot both Strong and support side with Carbine and Pistol. Course will cover ballistic theory and application of shooting as well as Individual and 2 man Vehicle TTPs.

Participants in the Performance Gun Fighting Mod ` course should have a core understanding of marksmanship fundamentals and strong weapons handling skills. Building on these fundamentals, participants will be instructed in high-performance skills and will practice techniques to enable them to successfully perform in firearm engagements.

Required Equipment For Urban Gunfighter: 

  • Carbine with Optic of choice and Sling 

  • Pistol

  • 300rds Pistol

  • 300rds Carbine 

  • Magazines

  • Gloves

  • Eye pro 

  • Tactical Belt

  • Carbine light

  • Pistol Light and handheld light

Required Equipment for Performance Gun Fighting Mod 1: 


  • Rifle

  • Serviceable Pistol

  • 3 Rifle Magazines

  • Pouches for Rifle Magazines

  • 3 Pistol Magazines

  • Pouches for Pistol Magazines

  • 275 Rifle Rounds / 250 Pistol Rounds

  • Rifle Sling

  • Eye and Ear Protections

  • Serviceable Holster