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DAN BROKOS - CQB Marksmanship

8 Hour Block

Intermediate to advanced Marksmanship course focusing on weapons handling and marksmanship in relationship to CQB / entries. Course will cover transitions from carbine to pistol,  Reloads for Carbine and Pistol , shooting on the move , shooting with both strong and support side, multiple target transitions.  Course is fast pace and will cover a variety of drills focusing on foot work for shooting and moving ,  and all the fundamentals of marksmanship in relation to CQB. 


Will end the course with shooting the CQB 6 .  6 drills with stringent time and scoring standards focusing on speed and small kill zones. Drill will be given out , come take the CQB 6 Challenge , see if you can score Expert in all 6 and make the LFT TEAM ROOM and get a Bad ass COIN 


  • Carbine with sling and Optic of choice, Iron sights are suitable as well

  • Pistol of choice, iron sight or red dot, 4 magazines

  • Hearing Protection, electronic is preferred.

  • 200 Rounds Pistol and 200 Rounds Rifle 

  • Wrap around style eye protection.

  • Battle belt with holster

  • IFAK &/or Tourniquet.

  • Individual first aid kit and tourniquet

** Disclaimer: Many of the topics will only be touched on briefly and some may not be covered, based upon the pace of the class and the allotted time. This is meant to provide you with an insight into the instructor's teachings, however, given the limited time of only 8 hours, it will not be as thorough as a normal class would be**

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