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8 Hour Block

The premise of this class is based on the US Census Bureau report that 80% of the American Population lives in Urban areas. An urban area’s location is characterized by high human population density and defined within an area approximately of 200-300 yards and surrounding. Using these metrics this mid-level course reintroduces students to their rifles, working in varied terrain, and over distances between 0 and 300 yards.  This is not a DMR type class, any carbine and optic configuration may be used.


  • Safety brief & Medical plan

  • Use of barricades

  • Different optics and accessories

  • Effective shooting stance

  • Recoil control

  • Sight picture using magnified and or electronic optics

  • Proper zero and confirmation of them. (Range dependent on distance)

  • Use of the sling for supported shooting

  • Use of body supported shooting positions

  • Trigger control

  • Different shooting positions


  • A functional and practical carbine or battle rifle chambered in 5.56×45, 5.45×39, 300 Blackout, 7.62×39, 7.62×51

  • If available, spare weapons systems are also an excellent idea

  • A minimum of 100 rounds of match or duty quality ammo if possible! 100 minimum rounds of ball rifle ammunition minimum. No green tip to be used on steel targets

  • A sling for the rifle. A bipod for the rifle is helpful

  • Rifle stock rear support bag

  • Electronic hearing protection is preferred

  • Wrap around style ear protection

  • IFAK and/or tourniquet is REQUIRED

  • Knee pads

  • Each student should have a minimum of 5 working magazines for the rifle

  • Weapons maintenance & cleaning equipment

** Disclaimer: Many of the topics will only be touched on briefly and some may not be covered, based upon the pace of the class and the allotted time. This is meant to provide you with an insight into the instructor's teachings, however, given the limited time of only 8 hours, it will not be as thorough as a normal class would be**

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