8 Hour Block

The Edged Weapons Overview course is a focused overview of knife application methods. Lots of people carry pocket knives for various reasons, but very few people have any training on how to deploy them effectively for self-defense. This course gives students a fundamental understanding of edged weapons. Like all ShivWorks courses, EWO is contextualized and presented through a minimalist framework to give students practical tools they can easily learn, remember, and put to immediate use.


  • Default Position and basic blows

  • Tool Survey

  • Robust Folder Deployment

  • Theory of In-Fight Weapons Access

  • In-Extremis application

  • Mobility and Zoning Issues of equal initiative encounters

  • Plyometric Fighting Platform

  • Point Theory, forward and reverse grip

  • Conventional Edge introduction

  • Refining the narrow-angle


  • Comfortable clothes

  • Wrap-around eye protection

  • Mouthpiece and cup

  • Preferred carry knives

  • Trainer knives (if you have them)

  • Positive attitude

  • Open mind