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8 Hour Block

In the Vehicle Combatives course, we develop empty-hand techniques for encounters that occur in and around vehicles.  The coursework is contextualized for the problems an armed citizen might face while inside or near an automobile. Skills are demonstrated and taught using both operable and inoperable vehicles. Student vehicles are also used for certain portions of instruction (no damage will be done to student vehicles). 


  • Positional Dominance and parking tactics

  • Surveillance Detection

  • Managing encroachment and movement tactics

  • Task Fixation problems on embuss

  • Hostile debuss problems (parallel and perpendicular)

  • Managing passengers and children

  • In traffic positional tactics

  • Minimizing target profile while driving through ambush

  • Pushing through other vehicles

  • Optimal in vehicle movement (modified Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu)

  • Managing collisions and the Airbag Ambush


  • Heavy sweatshirt or soft body armor

  • Mouthpiece and cup

  • Seasonal weather gear

  • Positive attitude

  • Open mind

** Disclaimer: Many of the topics will only be touched on briefly and some may not be covered, based upon the pace of the class and the allotted time. This is meant to provide you with an insight into the instructor's teachings, however, given the limited time of only 8 hours, it will not be as thorough as a normal class would be**

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