8 Hour Block

Rapid and effective weapons usage revolves around efficient and consistent weapons manipulation. This course is based on the integration of body mechanics with the design of the rifle. The course will spend 1/2 day reviewing proper and efficient weapons manipulation techniques that lay the foundation for the most rapid and reliable malfunction clearance and the second half of the day will be in-depth instructor training on how to properly teach and safely manage the training for a department, agency or military unit. It will include a detailed review of the design of the rifle and the benefits of specific techniques related to that and will also include a final test that requires the student to properly clear 1 failure to fire and 6 different stoppages blindfolded, set up each of the 6 specified stoppages and then managing the drill as the (student) trainer.

1. Simple failure to fire (tap-rack)

2. Stove-pipe

3. Charging handle impingement

4. Bolt override failure to eject

5. Traditional double-feed

6.  Bolt override double feed

7.  Stuck case


  • AR pattern duty patrol rifle in 5.56x45mmNATO/.223Rem (DI or piston)

  • Minimum of 3 magazines and a pouch to carry at least one (1) magazine

  • Electric hearing protection (required)

  • Normal and clear eye protection

  • Gloves (assault gloves that protect the fingers but still afford feeling:  flight gloves, PIG, Oakley, Mechanix etc.)

  • 500 rounds of 5.56 ammunition no steel core or M855 comparable

  • No steel case ammunition (this creates an elevated level of resistance that is not found in brass case duty ammunition)

  • Multi-tool (this is NOT for malfunction clearance but other tasks required in the course)

  • Cleaning rods (highly recommend and prefer military steel rods)