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8 Hour Block

Defensive Rifle I focuses on critical accuracy in less-than-ideal situations against less-than-ideal presented threats, fully exploring the three-dimensional threat and the unlikely nature of a traditional point of aim.

This class focuses almost exclusively on movement, problem-solving and compromised points of aim, avoiding the more static, fundamentals-focused shooting seen in Defense Rifle.  This course is moderately physically demanding and the tempo is higher than some students may have experienced before; applying as much stress as possible to hone skills on the gun under closer-to-real-world circumstances.  Marksmanship requirements under as realistic as possible conditions drives this course.


Topics of instruction include:


  • Real World safety

  • Information Theory and Occam’s Razor

  • Carry condition

  • Rifle deployment and utilization

  • Optical and holographic sights

  • Traditional shooting positions

  • Austere shooting positions

  • On cover/off cover shooting

  • Negotiating angles

  • Off-axis shooting

  • optic failure

  • Catastrophic malfunctions

  • Forced dominance transitions

  • increased distance engagements

  • Magazine reloads (emergency and tactical)

  • Immediate and remedial action for malfunctions

  • Rapid target engagement

  • Threat anatomy

Required Equipment: 

  • Rifle with 5-7 magazines

  • Handgun with 3 magazines

  • holster

  • Iron sights (BUIS) and optics (if used)

  • Rifle sling

  • 1000 Rounds rifle

  • 200 rounds handgun

  • Ear and eye protection

  • Min one magazine pouch (PCs may be used if desired)

** Disclaimer: Many of the topics will only be touched on briefly and some may not be covered, based upon the pace of the class and the allotted time. This is meant to provide you with an insight into the instructor's teachings, however, given the limited time of only 8 hours, it will not be as thorough as a normal class would be**

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