8 Hour Block

Recognizing that low-light training is one of the most difficult areas to maintain proficiency, we have developed the Low Light Employment course to engage students with critical skills on the handgun and then on the rifle platform to ensure a basic understanding of solid techniques that they can then develop to proficiency.


Proper employment of white light as a deterrent, and for positive threat identification are the most important aspects of low light and the entire LLE class is built around those goals.   LLE approaches the technique instruction with an expectation of student weapon safety and a basic understanding of both marksmanship and firearms controls.   While this class does not have a pre-requisite, it will be expected for students to display basic proficiency.


Topics of instruction include:


  • Real world safety

  • Equipment selection

  • Ammunition selection

  • light selection (weapon and handheld)

  • Handheld light use for deterrence, control

  • Handheld coupling techniques

  • Shooting positions

  • Austere shooting positions

  • Transition from handheld to weapon mounted light

  • Pistol to rifle/rifle to pistol transitions 

  • On cover/off cover shooting

  • Reloads and malfunctions under low light

  • Engagements in low light

  • Judgment shooting

Required Equipment: 

  • Rifle (must hand sling)

  • 3+ rifle magazines

  • Handgun

  • Holster and magazine pouches

  • Handheld light

  • Weapon mounted lights (if used) 

  • 250 rounds handgun

  • 250 Rounds rifle 

  • Spare batteries for all lights

  • Ear and eye protection