8 Hour Block

The Ridgeline Advanced Precision Rifle Course focuses purely on the speed of engagement and alternate positions.  Target sizes and engagement times will be systematically decreased throughout the course in order to place increased demand on student performance, forcing them to build efficiency in their actions and manipulations.  The student will be taught the most effective methods and techniques to quickly and effectively build stability in alternate positions using tripods, barricades, and real-world props.


  1. Graduates of this course will be able to achieve an 80% hit rate (minimum) on 2 moa targets, 0-1000 yards, from any position.



Pre Requisites: None.  It is STRONGLY encouraged that prospective students have attended Precision Rifle Fundamentals or similar.

Topics Covered

  • Wind management

  • Rapid firing solution development

  • Alternate shooting positions

  • Tripod shooting

  • Multiple target, rapid engagements

Equipment needed:

  • Precision Scoped Rifle Capable of 1MOA or Better (min Cal .223)

  • Rifle Scope with External Elevation and Windage Adjustments (10x min/mil-based reticle preferred)

  • Bipod

  • 500 Rounds Match Grade Rifle Ammunition (Same Lot Number)

  • Tripod

  • Rifle Cleaning Gear

  • Note Book

  • Camp Chair/Stool

  • Rear Bag

  • 2pt Sling

  • Tripod w/Rest

  • The items above are REQUIRED.  Any other items such as, but not limited to; spotting scopes, shooting mats, kestrels, laser range finders, etc. are welcome.

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