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Thursday Competitions

Range  2 - Bill Blowers Rifle Drill

Shooters will start at the 10-yard line and fire 10 rounds in 5 seconds or less on a standard B8 Bullseye Target. Times over 5 seconds or scores lower than 95 will not be recorded. 


Range 3 - B8 Challenge

This is the standard B8 Challenge that everyone loves to hate but soothes Chuck Pressburg and Bill Blower's jaded souls. This will be a 10-round drill shot at 25 yards with a 30-second par time. Times over 30 seconds or scores below 95 will not be recorded. 


Range 8 - Surefire 2 Gun Stage

For the first time ever, we are going to be running a Practical Competition Shooting League 2-Gun stage on Thursday. This will be a super fun fast-paced stage and a great introduction for those who aren't familiar with or have never participated in any practical shooting competitions. We have an extensive prize table including suppressors and weapon lights, including the all-new Turbo series. To make things simple, we will be scoring the match on Practiscore, so we need everyone to sign up in advance before showing up.

If you have not signed up on Practiscore yet, utilize the button below:


Vortex Booth in Vendor Area - Vortex Observation Challenge

There will be a number of items in a designated area of natural terrain that does not exist in nature but also do not readily stand out, especially to the naked eye. You will utilize the provided Vortex Optics to scan the designated area in search of these pre-staged items and scoring is based on the amount of time it takes you to successfully find and identify all the objects.  

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