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2 Hour Block


 “After spending so many years in a Tier 1 unit that was constantly engaged in combat I took for granted how much we used Night Vision, laser’s, thermals, and all the equipment that goes with them. It wasn’t until I retired that I learned how fortunate I was to have this knowledge. I felt it was important to share my experience and knowledge with those that want to learn more. Whether it’s for home protection or a law enforcement officer looking to better equip themselves to protect us on the home front. I am glad to share this information and hope that you learn a little something from it.”

Understanding night vision and the gear associated with it is imperative for successful operations in limited visibility. Educating yourself can be a daunting task, till now. In Intro to Night Vision, Jamey Caldwell presents night vision gear and use in a clear and concise manner. He reviews the history of night vision, light spectrum, the image intensifier tube, figure of merit, white versus green phosphor tubes, head-mounted systems, weapon mounted systems, lasers, helmets, IR marking devices, digital night vision systems, and more.

**This course will be lecture only and does NOT count as a "course" when it comes to the limitations of what can be selected in a day. The location of this course will be based on enrollment, but you will just need a pen and paper. For those attending the Thursday night lecture, the open bar will be open by the time this lecture begins and you are allowed to bring alcohol while attending this lecture.**


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