8 Hour Block

Bill Blowers of Tap-Rack Tactical, LLC will provide you with techniques and procedures that allow you to make hits faster under stress. This course is intended to pick up where most marksmanship training ends, it is a fighting class. We will build on previous skills, but help you to hit faster on single and multiple targets. This is accuracy done very quickly. Topics covered include fundamentals, strong and weak/support hand shooting, manipulations, malfunctions, low light and shooting on the move. Each shooter will leave with a custom dry fire training plan.


  • Reliable semi-auto handgun

  • Duty, range, or concealment holster with suitable gunbelt

  • Enough magazines, pouches, etc., to carry a minimum of 50 rounds to the firing line

  • Minimum 400 rounds of ammunition (400+ recommended; bring more, shoot more)

  • Wrap-around eye protection; ear protection; brimmed hat, weather-specific clothing.

  • Recommended

  • A second gun or parts to fix your broken gun.

  • Note pad and pen/pencil